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What Qualifies as a First Responder for your organization?

There are so many groups that are deserving that can classify as First Responders.
Unfortunately we do have to draw a line at some point. 
Fishing 4 First Responders defines a First Responder as an Active or Retired Employee, Volunteer or Reserve member of an emergency service who is or has been likely to be among the first people to physically arrive at the scene of an emergency or traumatic event. We verify the following occupations as First Responders. In order to be a member you must provide proof of service:

Police Officers (Federal, State, and Local) 
Active & Retired ​ Sheriff's / Sheriff's Deputy / Sheriff's Pose
Correctional Officers
State Troopers
Highway Patrol
State Police
Including Texas Rangers and similar Accredited LEO's

Federal Law Enforcement Officer
Customs & Border Protection Officer,
Air Marshals
Park Police & Park Rangers
Probation & Parole Officers
Bridge and Tunnel Officers
Detention Officers
Railroad Police Officers
School Resource Officers
Auxiliary & Reserve Sheriff Deputy or Police Officers
Animal Control Officers who are credentialed as a Law Enforcement Officer 
Court Bailiffs/Court Officers (must hold law enforcement credentials)
And of course K-9's and their partners.

Career Firefighter (Federal, State, and Local)
Wildland firefighters
Prescribed fire burn managers
Volunteer Firefighters
Fire Marshals who are certified Law Enforcement Officers

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Actively employed or retired in the EMS Field
Medical Helicopter Pilots
Flight Nurses

Police, Sheriff, Fire or EMS Dispatcher Fire Communications Officer Public Safety Telecommunicators

Ski Patrol - Must Have have a current EMT or Paramedic License
Search and Rescue Team Members Under direct supervision from an accredited Law Enforcement Agency
Law Enforcement and Fire Service Chaplains

What do I need to provide  proof of my service as a First Responder?

In order to become a member you must provide a redacted copy of your department ID, Letter from Personnel Department on department letterhead and signed by the personnel officer in charge, training certificate, or other similar documents that clearly show your First Responder status.
This is to ensure the security and privacy of our members and to insure that only First Responders are able to take advantage of this great program.

NOTE: If you are prohibited by law from submitting certain documents, we also accept an SF-50, a training certificate, or other similar documents that clearly show your LEO status. 

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